Hain Celestial is one of the largest manufacturers of natural and organic products in the United States.
Across the grocery and personal care categories, Hain’s brand portfolio reaches millions of customers
every year.

Hain Celestial’s business was negatively impacted by an outsized number of chargebacks. Chargebacks
were incurred due to product compliance gaps and supply chain inefficiencies.

We implemented a short-term and long-term plan which provided product-level action items to reduce
chargeback deductions

Over a 6-month period, we worked with Hain to help reduce chargeback deductions by 55%

Crane USA is one of the worlds leading designers of innovative better living environmental products.

Crane’s channel management was negatively impacting Amazon profitability due to price volatility and
lost buy box inefficiencies created by 3P sellers.

Day One Digital consolidated all of Crane’s duplicate detail pages, monitored sellers and pricing across
all ecommerce websites, and holistically displayed and promoted products to customers to maximize

Crane’s entire catalog became available on Amazon and easily accessible to consumers. Crane’s Amazon
profitable buy box metric increased by 90%.

Millions of Americans include Cheerios in their daily rituals, whether it is breakfast or a snack bag for a
toddler. Cheerios’ success relies, in part, on an advertising message that focuses on one prominent
American value: family.

For a limited time, Cheerios decided to add heart shapes to Honey Nut Cheerios and classic Cheerios to
remind Americans that living a happy, heart-healthy lifestyle can be fun, easy and delicious.
Seasonal items that are only available to purchase for a few weeks typically are not adopted on
eCommerce sites due to the short life cycle.

Cheerios hearts was an important campaign to support heart health and the brand teams wanted to
ensure their product campaign gained exposure and sales on the top eCommerce site.

Day One Digital implemented a custom new item setup strategy by leveraging partner relationships and
a unique understanding of Amazon’s buying system.

Amazon’s purchasing system was triggered to buy the new Cheerios product direct from General Mills
with limited sales history. General Mills launched Cheerios Hearts on time and remained in-stock for the
entire month of February which allowed pay per click and display advertising to enhance hearth
awareness across the Amazon platform.

A+ Content is one of the most effective brand identity tools that can be utilized to develop trust with Amazon shoppers. Surprisingly we found A+ Content to be one of the most widely neglected sections of many listing on Amazon.

More often than not, brands’ A+ Content on Amazon utilizes generic modules made up of several variations on the same module design of one to fours spaces to upload images and one to four spaces to insert unformatted text. This generic A+ Content delivers minimal conversion rate increases when applied.

Here are three methods from our Day One Digital Content Attributes System our brand and design experts consistently use when developing custom A+ Content that converts for our clients to grow product sales.

The 3 Day One Digital Tips for Strong A+ Content

1. Effective Communication is King: The Amazon shopper responds best to short and easily digestible value propositions. The priority is to focus only on what most interests a consumer in learning more about your product, not expecting the shopper to spend time reading multiple paragraphs of A+ content. Think of you’re A+ Content as limited real estate. When adding text, less is more.

2. Desktop & Mobile Responsive: So many listings on Amazon fail to ensure their A+ Content is effective in both desktop and mobile settings. We ensure all of our clients module designs are responsive and look amazing on both desktop and mobile.

3. The Subtle Showcase: Curate a selection of different products by creating direct links to other ASINs within your catalog.  This strategy within the Day One Digital Content Attribute System has allowed us to provide alternate options that fit different shopper needs, upsell different variations of the current product, and sell them accessories related to the purchase, to name a few.

A+ Content isn’t just about improving the aesthetics of brands on the Amazon marketplace.  We use a framework for creating brand stories on Amazon that coverts our customers for our clients. Investing in a strategic approach like the Day One Digital Content Attribute System will provide new opportunities to drive traffic to your brand’s entire catalog, increase detail page conversion rates, and ensure long-term success on Amazon.